What are the Best Places to visit in Europe?

Europe is a continent full of different cultures and historical background. It has come from a long way to be what it is today. European countries differ a lot, even if they are neighbors, and each country has its own culture, identity, way of living and much more. The best part about travelling to Europe is that you don’t require visa for each country and all you need is a Schengen visa to visit Europe. We’ve prepared a list of Best places to visit in Europe if you are looking to travel to Europe and want to know where you can enjoy the most.

Europe is a big continent, and each country has its own tourist point. It’s impossible to visit all of Europe in a single trip and you’ll still want to come back here. If you are in Europe for a limited number of days, and want to visit the best places, then you can look for the places that we’ve mentioned and you will enjoy for sure.


Rome is a must-go place for all the visitors travelling to Europe. It’s situated in Italy and is its capital, and has some of the best places to visit in Europe. The history of Rome is well-connected and you can see museums all over the city that will allow you to take a tour of the historical background of this city and how it came into being. Some of the points-of-interest in Rome are Colosseum, Piazza Navona (if you want to have a taste of original pasta) and St. Peter’s Basilica. These are just some of the famous places in Rome that you can visit during your travel to Italy


Porto is a sea-port city located in Portugal and is one of the best tourist places in Europe. People from all over the world, be it America, UK, Asia, or any other place, prefer to visit Porto if they are coming on a European Tour. It has amazing architecture all over the city and some of the world’s finest bridges that’ll make you applaud the engineering minds behind them. You can talk a walk along the River Douro, river of gold, or fly over it in a helicopter. There are many museums throughout the city, that’ll take you to the historic adventures of the Portuguese all over the world when they were in the power.


Another great city in Italy that is perfect for vacation in Europe is Italy, or also known as the fashion capital of the world. The shopping experience in Milan is regarded as one of the best and you’ll want to buy more things than ever when you visit this place. Apart from the fashion industry, Milan is also famous for its churches, Museums and the way the buildings are made. The architecture of this city, takes you back to the old Italy and you’ll be amazed by the way the things are made there. Milan is a must-go place for tourists and each year millions of tourists arrive at this place just to see how amazing Italy is.


Everyone knows about Athens and how important it has been to modern world.     It’s one of the world’s oldest city and is situated in Greece. The buildings in Athens reminds us of how strong and vast Greek Empire was back in days. The beaches and museums are the most visited place in this city and every year millions of travelers comes to this place and have voted it to be one of the best places to visit in Europe. It’s not only best for travelers, but also for archaeologies, as the remains of the Old Greek Empire tells us a lot about their culture and how they have developed. You can also enjoy the famous Greek breakfast in this city.


Basel is situated in Switzerland and is at the border of France and Germany. It’s not only the Swiss which makes this city great, but people from all over the world residing there allows us to see how multicultural and peaceful this place is. It’s also considered as a cultural capital of the country and even though it’s a small city when it comes to area, it still has around 40 museums in it. Basel is also home to Art Basel, which is one of the most important art fair in the world. Basel’s football team is also very popular and many people visit their home ground just to have a tour about their footballing history.


Madrid, the capital of Spain is another top place in Europe. Many visitors from all over the world votes Madrid to be one of the best places to visit in Europe. The nightlife and the cultural heritage which this city has to show is just amazing and will leave you awestruck. Apart from this, the football world in Madrid is beyond anything and it has one of the best team in the world, Real Madrid. It’s a vibrant city and it has a lot to offer. If you are every planning a trip to Europe, keep Madrid in mind as it not only tells you about current Spanish affairs, but also shows you who important they were historically.


No trip to Europe is incomplete without visit to The Netherlands, and especially Rotterdam. Rotterdam is a dynamic city and is always growing. Even after the total destruction in World War II, Rotterdam, reinvented itself and is one of the most visited places in the whole world these days. Not only do people visit it as a tourist point, but it is also important for university students as there are many internationals studying in this wonderful city. If you ever plan to visit Europe, and are looking to go to Netherlands, then Rotterdam is a must-go city because it also tells you a lot about the Dutch culture and how they grow up to be so strong at this stage.