What are the Top Tips for Thailand Travel?

Thailand is one of the most popular tourist country in this world and every year millions of people visit this place for their vacations. Travelling in Thailand is not an easy job and if you are not into travelling that much, Thailand can cost you a lot. We’ve made this article for you to give you some of the Thailand travel tips so that it may benefit you and you can enjoy your tour to Thailand as much as possible.

Thailand is situated in South Asia and is full of tropical beaches, royal palaces, ornate temples and some ancient ruins. The capital of Thailand is Bangkok, and the currency used is Thai Baht. One of the most visited city of Thailand is Pattayya, which is full of beaches, clubs, casinos and much more. Please do check this Thailand travel guide before travelling so that you don’t encounter any problem, and your trip may be as smooth as possible.

Traffic in Thailand

Thailand is a small country, but compared to the area of Thailand, the population is too much. Traffic hours are the most hectic one and can delay your time travel for hours. This is one of the most important Thailand Travel tips, and remember this whenever travelling to Thailand. There are too many drunk drivers in Thailand, and this causes a lot of accidents in this country. While driving in Thailand, make sure that you check your road. Also, it’s more recommended that you use local transport instead of renting a car because that will save you a lot of time and your money also.

Shopping in Thailand

One of the things to remember in your Thailand travel guide is to do as much shopping as you want. Thailand is hub of shopping, and you can shop from anywhere, be it a local street wanderer or a shopping complex. The price range varies for everyone and you’ll be able to get anything that you want here. The local shopping industry is too wide and there is everything available there. There are more than 25 new more shopping malls in Bangkok alone, and you can find every international brand there. So, don’t hesitate to shop there.

Massage Parlor

One thing that is famous all over the world for Thailand, is the massage setting in this country. There are massage parlors all over the country and they don’t charge you that much as you expect. Yes, if you want they can charge you even more if you are someone who wants to take your massage all the way to something called ‘happy ending’. For massage, we will recommend fully-clothed Thai Massage as it’s something that is traditional to this country, and is very different from typical oil massage.

Girls in bar, not really

Another popular thing about Thailand is that the girls that serve in bars and clubs, are not really girls. You know what I am talking about. Before taking a lap dance or something like this, make sure to check beyond everything so that you can get what you want and you don’t find anything fishy later on. Thai ladies are very pretty, but sometimes you can find something else that you are looking for and this can fool you. So, make sure to check whenever you are in club.

Cultural and Historical Context

One thing that most of the tourist are not aware about Thailand is that, Thailand is a place where the locals follow their culture and are very proud of it. The temples and some of the ancient palaces are the most visited place by the locals and you will find them full almost all of the time. The two ancient capitals of Thailand are Sukhothai and Ayutthaya, so if you are traveling to Thailand, do visit these places. These places will offer you something extra about Thailand and will make you realize that you cultural and traditional Thailand is.


One of the most important Thailand travel tips is about the dressing. You may have seen in movies that people going out in bikinis and shorts in beaches and in clubs. Well, in Thailand that’s okay only if you are in beach, but don’t take this for granted. Most of the Thais are very strict about their dressing and they get offended if you wear something unacceptable in the public. Knees and shoulders should be remained covered as it’s necessary for them. But don’t worry, if you ever forget this, you can get thongs from a local shop any time and they are not that expensive. So, a thong can be your alternative way to roam around Thailand!

Don’t touch their heads!

This thing may surprise you, but for Thailand travel tips, take a note that you shouldn’t touch anyone’s head while traveling to Thailand. The reason for this is that in Thai tradition, head is considered to be the cleanest and a sacred part, so they don’t want anyone to touch it. This should be remembered in cases when you are visiting anyone in hospital or are doing a volunteer work with some children’s organization. They get offended by this and they don’t like it at all. This is one of the best tips for Thailand travel, and we’ve seen many people get into trouble because of this.

Do visit temples

One of the best way to get to know the culture about Thailand is to visit their temples as much as you can. Each temple has its own importance and you can learn a lot about Thai people after visiting temples. Some of the most common and visited ones are Wat Pho and Wat Phra Kaeo in Bangkok. Also, make sure to respect their monks as they are considered at the highest level and you don’t want to mess with their people.

Take note of all these Thailand travel tips if you are going there for the first time as it will help you a lot. Thailand is a place full of fun and make sure that you enjoy to its fullest!