Peak district and the Cotswolds

Hi everyone welcome back to my channel this one’s a very exciting one I’ve been planning this for absolutely ages I’m here with fiance hi and we are about to go on a road trip we’re starting in London heading out to the Peak District and I’ve just been delivered my car have a look here it this is the Outlander Phe V and it’s probably the fanciest car I’ve ever driven in my entire life it’s a hybrid which is what I absolutely love about it and this is what it looks like Finn will be sitting this side obviously in that side for obvious reasons I’m pretty sure and it’s very fancy pants here is all of our stuff so we are gone for Thursday today we’re gone until Tuesday so I brought a whole load of stuff we’re gonna be hiking and we’re gonna be running and we’re doing a 10k race.

I’m just gonna take you along to the whole thing really so I’m here you in the car we are we are still in London of course but just so I’d give a little bit of a introduction to what it’s like driving a car since I have some idea but very little because I only drove it for maybe like half an hour a few weeks ago sofiane as someone who drives a lot of cars in your everyday life or one car along how do you feel about this car it’s good it’s very smooth all smooth and I was expecting it’s the first well first hybrid but I’ve ever driven and we’re just driving purely on the battery at the moment so we did have a bit of a stupid moment where for five minutes we sat there trying to figure out how to turn, turn the engine on the Elan is a very motor is a big noise yeah we’re just sitting there in silence then like I think it’s off I think it doesn’t work and then obviously they just don’t make a noise when they’re electric sounds very yeah that was like a good 15 minutes so you can handle anything.

We have just arrived at the hotel and it is absolutely exactly what I’m looking for having just drove in about four hours to get here little tour here is the bathroom it is absolutely stunning so this is a spa hotel so obviously you’d expect it to be kind of like pretty cool and relaxing and that’s exactly what we want this is our bed four poster bed absolutely huge they call this one the bridal suite which I think that fair naturally planned did you did you plan it this horses right horses yes bridles everywhere and this is all I’m a crap cool we’ve just had breakfast at Marshall oaks and we were going to use the gym afterwards but then we thought what’s what miss the same as a gym the hot tub so we are now just having a bit of a hot tub sesh don’t if you can see there but a fan is very much in the hot tub and enjoying it it’s, so nice out here just look at that yes please it is such a beautiful day here and we’re just headed across this little stream and up a place called stanitch edge which those of you guys recommended so we’re gonna go check it out and it’s probably going to be absolutely freezing.

We’ve just arrived in where we rousely and we are at the peacock where we are having DNA and staying overnight and then tomorrow we are headed up to mam tor which was recommended by pretty much everyone who knows the area are you excited I am the Shivering man tonight here shivering Mountain exactly and which apparently is so cool because it falls down quite a lot so we look forward to that but first of all dinner dinner dinner no no it’s happening it is day two it is day three the Big Brother household very excited to be hiking up some mountains in a minute are you excited I am very excited [Music] rewarded with the most amazing news check this one out Wow look how much you can see oh my god CN 550 and odd meters we’ve just arrived at our race are you excited.

I’m not at all excited but about to register now and then we will be taking part hoping you’re in the ten mile I’m definitely not racing the ten lakh fat bar how do you feel about this you don’t watch thank you very much I’ll tell you in about ten days time [Music] both are nice click again, so just finished how do you feel I feel disgusting part and ugly and what in your gender we have arrived at door me house I have collapsed onto the bed because after this morning’s 10k I am bloomin exhausted but we have been shown around the hotel and shown to our beautiful room which I’ll do a tour of in a second and we are headed straight to the spa ASAP let me give you a little tour of the room we’ve dumped our stuff everywhere so I do apologize okay let’s see this is our beautiful little room I previously stayed in the fish which is part of the same Frankham estate and they’ve got a lot of things in common I mean absolutely stunning and then if you go this way there is of course a coffee machine our bathroom which is huge as with all of their hotels and there’s a feeling that comes free with the room and this is just the whole room I mean it’s absolutely humongous and an amazing selfie mirror this is gonna be a good stay I cannot wait.

Good morning everyone it is Monday morning we are just headed to Montana Marsh station but we’re gonna be picking up Kaylee interrupting me as ever so root yes are we gonna go pick up Kaylee he’s a friend of mine and also an excellent photographer we’ll be doing some photos in the glorious English weather that is rain we’ll be shooting all day at Donnie house which has been so beautiful so far and thankfully has a lot of nice indoor stuff because I do not want to be outdoors this weather see you later [Music] morning morning everyone it is Tuesday morning we are just headed to our final stop of the road trip it is a beautiful morning there’s miss rolling over everything and as you can see it’s super bright so I just see anything and so we’re going to try to gorge now I’m here with Kaylee say hi she was focusing on driving which is probably good because they’re in a lot of country right at the moment yeah so he’ll be shooting outdoors this morning and then headed back to London final leg of the trip would be really sad but happy to get back to my own bed.

We are on the last leg of our road trip we’re headed back to London at the moment after an amazing sleep last night at Cadbury house we had an amazing day of shooting today at cheddar gorge which is just around the corner obviously I forgot to take my camera up there got too distracted for the amazing views and have no videos for you but I’m going to insert some photos in here because they’re just absolutely insane and Kayleigh has done an amazing job of photographing just capturing the amazing light now I’m I said amazing too many times but really it was spectacular so yeah and a head over to my blog and also to my Instagram if you’d like to see some more images and I will post many of them as I can at my blog post as well which I will link below thank you so much for watching I really hope you enjoyed it and that this is giving you some inspiration of other staycations you can do in the UK it really is very easy and super cheap we’ve really enjoyed our car as well so if you are thinking of getting a new one you’d like to do something that’s a little more eco-friendly I can thoroughly recommend the Outlander pH TV from its vichy figure out it that has been done probably for the next few weeks and I will see you next time not to laugh.