San Marino: What to see in one day

I must say that San Marino has always fascinated me, perhaps because it is in Italy even though it is not part of it, a unique example in the world of a small State preserved autonomously and independently through the centuries. But also its geographical conformation intrigues, so perched at over 600 meters. of height.

Overview San Marino

Our tour of San Marino began in a comical way, to continue in a cheerful way. But let’s start with order during the weekend in Pesaro at the Hotel Excelsior where we pampered ourselves with a wonderful spa, here the story and the review of the hotel, we went one day to visit S. Marino. The last time I went I was four years old and I practically turned her around in my father’s lap.

Sea in winter – Pesaro After a good breakfast and having taken a walk on the deserted beach, because we know the sea of ​​winter always has its charm, we set the navigator and we leave. The day is not the best but we are also in November.

The navigator says that in about an hour we arrive in San Marino but at a certain point we realize that the landscape was not new to us, in fact we continued to go around the same hill. When we seem to have taken the right path we find ourselves in the courtyard of a private house, and to say that we are not so clumsy!

Finally we find the road and after a few bends uphill we arrive at a pargheggio where we leave the car and continue on foot towards the village.

The village

We walk in the historical center among narrow streets and steps, I am struck by the many shops of weapons of all kinds, swords, spears guns. But in San Marino we know the best deals are made with perfumes, the choice is difficult but in the end I let myself be tempted by a truly particular fragrance, Florabotanica by Balanciaga which, as it is listed in the features, its main ingredient is a hybrid rose capable of enchanting ‘Infinity! Wao, as you could see, I have a weakness for perfumes. We continue our tour the streets are semi deserted and every now and then we meet groups of tourists. Between steps and climbs we reach the upper part of San Marino to reach the first tower. The view and the views despite the cloudy day are beautiful.

The First tower

We reach the first tower and it almost seems to be in an enchanted place, in every direction you look you have a breathtaking view. The first tower runs along the walls and is called Guaita and is the oldest of the three towers.

At the entrance, the ticket attendant tells us that the visit to the towers is included in a ticket that includes the San Marino State Museum circuit, so we decide to buy the multi-museum ticket which costs 10, € 50 gives you the chance to see Prima Torre, Seconda, Torre, Palazzo Pubblico, Museo S. Francesco and Museo di Stato.

Inside you can visit the ancient jails and get to the top of the tower after a lot of stairs (the last ramp is really steep!), But the effort is rewarded by the wonderful view that can be enjoyed from up there.

The path to reach the second tower is very particular, besides being panoramic and very ancient it is completely in stone with to the right and to the left vertiginous cliffs, it also has a disturbing name called “Il passo delle streghe”.

The Second Tower

After having crossed the witches’ pass and having skirted a very suggestive garden we reach the second tower called Cesta, it is the one placed at the highest point and on this cloudy day where the fog starts to appear to be almost suspended in the void. The second tower houses the Museum of Ancient Weapons.

The Third Tower

To reach the third tower, also called Montale, there is a path inside a Natural Park, even here the landscape surrounded by greenery, although it is a bit bare due to the season, is certainly very suggestive. Unfortunately, the third tower cannot be visited and we must consider admiring it from outside. Going back accomplice the fog that is falling the shots are really suggestive.

The time we go down from the upper part of the village and the fog becomes more and more city, under the astonished eyes of my friend from Rome who, unlike me, who lives in Turin, is not used to such a thick fog. We decide to go down from San Marino before it gets dark and we propose to return for a nice weekend a spring weekend. Yes, because although this tour in San Marino was fascinating, surely visiting it with sunny days certainly offers wonderful views.

After returning to the hotel and having taken ourselves back with a nice hot shower, we spend a nice evening in Pesaro.

Center of Pesaro

Walking through the streets of the center in search of a place to dine, we are intrigued by a very original restaurant, not far from the central square, and as often happens to me, a place found by chance turns out to be a real find. The place is called Osteria Pasqualon and has a rich menu with all products at km 0, but is famous for its grilled meat and its pizzas with delicious ingredients, where you can choose the dough. I naturally took pizza because I was curious about the dough with hemp flour.

I must say that it was really good soft and light, accompanied by a Collesi blond beer produced just around here is very well known all over the world where it has received considerable recognition. What about a place to try absolutely for the excellent quality / price ratio. Needless to say, as soon as I returned I went in search of hemp flour and started making breadsticks, pizzas and biscuits!