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Band e Amir:

In the middle of the Hazarajat in the central Hindu Kush Mountains, are the legendary lakes of Band e Amir. Band e Amir was declared as a national park, the first in Afghanistan in 1973, although it does not have a legal status. There are six stunningly beautiful lakes surrounded by magenta and grey rock walls which make a beautiful and unforgettable contrast. Just 75 km from Bamiyan, the lakes of the Band e Amir Valley are considered to be one of the wonders of the country. The strikingly clear waters come as a shock to the mind in the middle of this barren and rocky desert landscape. There is surprisingly a large variety of animals here including wolves, foxes, wild sheep, hares and Makhor goats along with large yellow fish. You will see a lot of donkeys and Mules in this area, since they are commonly used for transportation.

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Kabul is the capital of Afghanistan. Since it is a big city, it has several cultural and entertainment places that attract tourists from all over. Some of the popular cultural sites include Kabul Museum, Afghan National Museum, statue of Surya excavated at Khair Khana, Babur's tomb and gardens, the mausoleum of Mohammad Nadir Shah, the Minar-i-Istiklal, the tomb of Timur Shah. Tappe-i-Maranjan, a hill where Buddhist statues and Graceo-Bactrian coins from the 2nd century BC are placed is a significant place in the city, which is often visited by tourists. Along with its various monuments, bazaars of Kabul are a popular tourist attraction. Finding a good Hotel in Kabul is not a problem, it has a wide variety of hotels ranging from economical to luxury hotels.

Monuments and architectures are the main attractions of Kandahar. Chilzina View -Emperor Babur's inscription, Zoar Shar, Baghipul are the most popular places to be visited in the city, drawing tourists from all over the world. Buses and taxis are the main form of transportation, kandahar also has several airports handling both national and international flights. The city also has a variety hotels and accommodation options.

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