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 Cat Islands
 Paradise Island, Nassau

Tourism Overview:
Bahamas is located in Caribbean and it's a world famous tourist destination located just 50 miles in south east of Florida in the Atlantic ocean. Bahamas tourism is  extremely famous, especially among Americans for its magnificent beaches and natural beauty. Bahamas attractions include about 700 islands and cays. People come here not only for relaxation and beach entertainment,  but Bahamas tourism is also famous for golf, shopping, fishing, snorkeling, diving, casino gambling, cruises, scuba diving, dolphin encounters, national parks and much more. It also has a wonderful climate all year long with day time temperature mostly between 70 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit all year long. You will find a lot of the tourists and locals in summer casual most of the year. Between May to November is the rainy and hurricane season and most hotels have a policy of no charge (or low charge) if you cancel your reservation if the hurricane is about to hit during your reservation time, its best to check with you hotel in advance about their policy.

Quick History
It is believed that Christopher Columbus arrived Bahamas in 1492 on the southern Island of San Salvador, at that time the Lucayan Indians lived on these islands. Unfortunately soon these people became a victim of slave trade and most of there communities vanished. When the English settlers arrived here in 1647 there were not too many people and this place gradually became a British colony. For many years these islands were home to pirates and other unlawful elements. It attained its independence in 1973 and since then Bahamas has become prosperous due to booming tourism industry and financial businesses due to no income tax laws ( Bahamas gets its main income mostly from duty imposed on goods and local import tariffs).

Popular Bahamas Attractions:

Paradise Island & Nassau:
Nassau, Cable Beach, Paradise Island combine to form New Providence Island with population of over 200,000. Nassau is the capital of Bahamas with the location of parliament and many government offices. Once it was also a popular home of pirates. Bahamas attractions in New Province include Botanical Gardens, zoo, cruises, Straw Market, Deep-Sea Fishing, Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Dolphin Encounter, golfing, tours, horseback riding and beautiful beaches. Paradise Island is very famous for the gigantic Atlantis casino resort contributes a significant revenue to Bahamas Tourism. Other Bahamas attractions include historical landmarks, including the Victoria Staircase.

These islands are located in Northern Bahamas and have sizable fishing community and are famous for beautiful beaches, golf course, flamingoes, wild horses and parrots. It was the home to the British loyalists during American revolution. It also has a history of pirates and there are often tourists dive to see these underwater shipwrecks. Great Abaco and Little Abaco are the most famous islands. Marsh Harbour area of Great Abaco is also famous for boating and yachts.

Andros Islands
It is the largest island of Bahamas covering an area of about 2300 square miles. Andros attraction includes the world's third largest barrier reef, which is over 140 miles long, so no surprise its a magnet for scuba divers and a famous Bahamas tourism location. The 3 major islands include North Andros, South Andros and Mangrove Cay. It preserves most of its natural beauty, has many deep underwater caves (blue holes) and is relatively less explored and less densely populated. It is also home to a variety of Birds, Flora and fauna including pine-forest, orchids, migrating birds , parrots, crowned pigeons, butterfly, iguanas, wild boars and land crabs. People wear colorful clothes. Popular towns include Nicholl, Andros and Congo Town.

Berry Islands
A group of 30 islands and 100 small cays and famous among divers and fishermen out for the big-game fish and also hosts an annual fishing tournament. They have a population of about seven hundred people living mostly on Great Harbour Cay and has many millionaires. It is also famous as a popular cruise spot for many big names like Royal Caribbean , Norwegian and Celebrity cruise lines. Berry islands is a popular vacation spot for people all over the world. Some fishes found here include Bill fish, Tuna, Yellowtail Snapper, Wahoo Grouper and Tiger fish.

Located in North Bahamas and just 50 miles east of Florida, the main islands are North Bimini and South Bimini. Bahamas tourism over here is famous for deep sea fishing, Diving, snorkeling, beaching and kayaking. Many people from Florida make a short trip in their yachts and small planes for numerous activities including nightlife. There are also several shipwrecks in this area which are a popular attraction among tourists.

Cat Island
Located in central Bahamas, quiet, traditional, famous for tropical forests and Mount Alvernia which rises to 206 ft and the highest point in the country, agriculture is the main way of life. This island has mostly been untouched by modernization. Bahamas tourism on this island is very good for tourists who want a peaceful vacation and enjoy breathtaking beaches, caves, ruins, coral reefs, fishing and much more.

Crooked Island
One of the group of islands lying in a shallow lagoon and an overall a quiet and remote island. Its shaped crooked and lies 240 miles southeast of Nassau and has a small population of about 400 people. Main town in the group is Colonel Hill.

Harbour Island and Eleuthera
Bahamas Tourism in Eleuthera is famous for limestone caves and good surfing waves. It's mainland is divided into north and south. Eleuthera has 3 airports and taxis are popular medium of transport. Bahamas tourism on these islands is famous for pink-sand beaches,  visited by many Americans, sunbathers and fashion photographers.

Located 35 miles southeast of Nassau, it is a group of about 360 islands. In the past, Pirates were abundant in the caves of Exuma. It was settled around 1783 by American loyalists fleeing the Revolutionary War. The islands are a popular spot for yachting, sailing, diving, and coral reef and cave exploring. Leaf Cay is home to a colony of Exuma Island rock iguanas and often fed by tourists. Also famous is Thunderball Cave, where one can swim in a cavern with lot of fishes.

Grand Bahama
Its located on the east coast of Florida and easily reached by a small plane or boat. Divided into east and west Grand Bahama. Famous Bahamas attractions include International Bazaar in downtown Freeport, Botanical Gardens , Lucayan National Park, Rand Nature Center and Peterson Cay National Park. Other activities include, golf, horse riding, casino-gambling, Deep-Sea Fishing, Dolphin experience, Scuba Diving, Cruise and Snorkeling.

Great Inagua
Has a resident population of over 80,000 West Indian flamingos . Little Inagua is inhabited only by donkeys, goats, and rare birds.

Long Island
The Loyalists were people mainly from New Jersey and New England who fled the American Revolution. Bahamas Tourism on this island is famous for the best white sand beaches in the world  which are found here. Local economy is based on tourism, fishing but mainly farming. Pinapples, mangoes, bananas, peas and corn are grown.

Mayaguana Island
Most easterly island of Bahamas and mostly rugged and less visited. It has a small population of about 250 people, and located 350 miles south of the capital of Nassau. Some flamingoes and iguanas can be seen, Fishing and farming are the main sources of income.

San Salvador
In the year of 1492, San Salvador became the first landfall site of Christopher Columbus. Today it has a population of less than 100 people.

Tip of the day
Tip #3. Always carry a card in your wallet with emergency phone number and address. We hope you never need but it will be very helpful if you need emergency help from them or if you are in an accident and local authorities need your contacts. Similarly give your itinerary and phone numbers to your friends in case they need to contact you.

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