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 Silhouette Island


• Silhouette Island

Silhouette Island in Africa, is the third largest granite island of Seychelles and located 20 km northwest of Mahé and can only be reached by helicopter or sea. Silhouette Island is extremely famous for the untouched beauty for hundreds of years, it is the perfect travel spot for nature lovers. The island has a small settlement called La Passe with about only 150 permanent inhabitants.

The other inhabitants of Silhouette include giant tortoises, there are currently 100,000 Aldabran giant tortoises on the island. There are several beautiful palm–fringed beaches usually untouched and deserted, only one hotel but offers comfort, quality and great value for the money, ideal for leisure and business travelers. Largely undeveloped this tourism destination has no roads whatsoever and its forest trails will take you through untouched vegetation, bamboo plants and orchids.

Silhouette island in Africa has a prominent peak called Mount Dauban with height of 740 m. From the 19th century until 1960 the island was owned by the Dauban family from Mauritius. Conservationists regard this as the most important biodiversity hotspot in the Indian Ocean. 

Most of Silhouette Island is formed of 63 million years old granites. There are about 2000 species on this island. Silhouette Conservation project aims to protect the forest environments of island and to restore them to a near-natural state so that it can co-exist as a travel paradise and natural wonder. For many years Silhouette Island was the home of the notorious pirate Jean Hodoul. According to local folklore, he buried treasure in the fissured mountains and cliffs of the island. The island is completely surrounded by a vast corral reef, and its crystal-clear water is ideal for diving, snorkeling, swimming and fishing. On a clear day, one can experience spectacular views of Sainte Anne Marine Park, Port Victoria and the west coast of Mahé.

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