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 The Sudd

The Sudd, Sudan -  It is a huge swampy region formed by river Nile in Southern Sudan in African Continent. The aquatic vegetation of Sudd is very thick and river gets divided into many smaller channels. About half of the Nile water entering the Sudd is either evaporated or absorbed before it leaves and moves further. It also restricts the travel across nice through it for centuries. The reason of this formation is that this land is almost totally flat and the water has no gully or slope to follow and therefore distributes. 

The Sudd's aquatic vegetation consists mainly of reeds, grasses and water hyacinth. These channels keep changing with time so the boats have no fixed navigation path to follow and carry saws to clear if necessary. In year 1840 an Egyptian expedition was the first to cross the Sudd. Between 1899 and 2003 there were attempts to make a channel, even though it succeeded but required a constant maintenance to keep it open including a canal but the civil unrest in Sudan has kept such plans on hold. Water diversion in such a manner will also prove devastating for the rich aquatic life of the Sudd, on the other hand it would mean more water for North Sudan and Egypt. The Sudd is heaven for fish, hippos and many types of birds including unwanted mosquitoes. In the rainy season the Sudd can expand to an area the size of all of England.

In the wet season the Sudd can occupy an area of more than 125,000 square kilometer which is roughly the size of Belgium. The cast floodplain it created is called toic. There are 3 main waterways Bahr al Zaraf, Bahr al Ghazal and Bahr al Jabal.

Sudan is the largest country in African continent, there is civil unrest in the country and visitors are advised to visit "" for safety and travel tips.

Ministry of Tourism
PO Box 13226, Khartoum, Sudan

Embassy of the Sudan in the USA
2210 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20008, USA

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