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Dougga - Tunisia

Dougga is one of Tunisia's premiere, 65 hectare, best preserved archaeological site of Roman ruins in North Africa. This was originally a Berber town called Thugga. Later, then it served for Numidian king Masinissa. Romans occupied the city in the late 2nd century BC. 
Earlier it served an important military site but with the arrival of the Romans it became a regional administrative centre. It is located 550 meters above sea level. Its estimated that at its peak about 25,000 people lived here and there were several temples, baths, cisterns, theaters, market, wash room and gymnasiums and much more. The Capitol was built in 166 or 167 AD, and dedicated to the gods Jove, Juno and Minerva. It rises high above all the other buildings. A well-preserved theatre was built around 168 AD, it is in such good condition that it is used to stage concerts during the Dougga Festival held every summer. Another spectacular site is Triumphal arch, which was set up to greet visitors climbing the hills to the city. Many of the better artifacts and mosaics have been transported to the Bardo Museum in Tunis.

The most important ruins are the Capitol which is in very good condition. The theatre has 19 tiers, and space for 3500 spectators has been restored too. It was built up the hill, which facilitated the construction much. The Temple of Saturn, probably Dougga’s most important religious centre, the Temple of Caleistis and the Temple of Minerva bear symbols of the Roman era. This place serves as a nice day trip from Kef (72 km) or Tunis (110 km). Dougga was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997. There are wheat fields around the site. Its best to go here by a taxi / car.

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